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authorised Australian distributor of Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers & Zoono Solution

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Victory Innovations Authorised Distributor

Sanico Australia is Australia’s Premier and Authorised supplier and distributor of Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers and Zoono disinfection solution.

We have partnered with Victory Innovations as the world leading best disinfectant sprayers.

Our Victory Innovations Electrostatic sanitising sprayers coupled with our Zoono Microbe Shield solution is Australia’s preferred and best method to keep your site disinfected safely and easily.

Sanico Australia is the authorised Australian distributor of Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayers.

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Zoono Solution Authorised Distributor

We believe in partnership. We believe in quality. We believe in real sanitising solutions for Australians that are backed by science. That’s why Sanico Australia is the authorised Australian distributor of the world leading Zoono spray solution and the Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers.

Zoono and Victory Innovations have taken the world by storm with revolutionary electrostatic spraying technology. The world has been flocking to Zoono and Victory Innovations products since the 2018 and more recently since c.o.v.i.d. began. Now, Sanico Australia combine the two for all Australians to enjoy.

Our partnership with Zoono and Victory innovations has enabled thousands of Australians to access modern, safe and effective sanitising technology that can be carried out by anyone. You don’t need to be a certified professional to apply our Zoono solution with any of the Victory Innovations sprayers. All our Victory Innovations sprayers come with a fully backed 12 month warranty from Sanico Australia. That’s the Sanico difference.

Our Story & Mission

We are an Australian company focused on bringing the best sanitising solutions to businesses, schools, gyms and everywhere in between.

Our story starts years ago when our own business was searching for an effective, safe and fast method to clean large surfaces without needing to physically wipe them.

To our dismay, we realised no safe alternatives actually exist. Although foggers were available, their safety profile was questionable. 

That’s when we started to look internationally for solutions. We heard of a revolutionary sanitising system called “electrostatic sanitising”. The idea was simple. A positively charged sanitising solution is sprayed using the Victory innovations electrostatic sprayer. This solution is attracted to all surfaces, stick to the surface and provide a 30 day barrier against harmful particles like viruses and bacteria.

We immediately purchased one Victory Innovations sprayer for our own business.

However, the problem was that Victory Innovations did not couple the sprayer with any recommended spraying solution, so we went on a mission to test all the scientifically backed solutions. 

The Zoono Microbe Shield solution was the clear winner and completely backed by scientific studies to be 99.9% effective against killing pathogens.

Fast forward a few years, Sanico Australia has served thousands of Australian business with this winning combination of Victory Innovations sprayers and Zoono solution.

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