First Defence ZOONO® Solution


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When FIRSTDEFENCEZOONO® Z-71 is applied as a mist, the micro thin coating forms a very strong bond with the treated surface after drying. It can be likened to having millions of sword-shaped “road spikes” on the surface – each of which will attract, pierce and kill the membrane of the pathogen.

FIRSTDEFENCEZOONO® Z-71 kills and keeps protecting for 30 days. Surface Shield attacks new pathogens again and again – with only a single application. Because the pathogen is not killed by poisoning with toxic chemicals, they cannot adapt to it so there is no possibility of immunity developing (i.e. no possibility of superbugs).

FIRSTDEFENCEZOONO® Z-71 is a stable, water soluble, aqueous solution comprised of 99% highly purified water with approximately 1% active quats. In addition to being sprayed, FIRSTDEFENCEZOONO® Z-71 can be applied with a cloth to high touch point areas.

Without the need for added stabilizers or the requirement of on site mixing (in methanol or other toxic chemicals), FIRSTDEFENCEZOONO® Z-71 is safe to handle, easy to store and has been proven to be highly effective in a wide variety of applications.




• Two active ingredients (Quats): Benzalkonium chloride and 3-Trimethoxysilyl propyldimethyl octadecylammonium chloride (3-Tri).

• The solution consists of 99% purified water with ~ 1% active ingredients. The proprietary blend is scientifically formulated such that the active “Quat” molecules are highly soluble and stable in water. This allows for a very long shelf-life without the need for on-site mixing. The benzalkonium chloride component provides the “instant kill” effect while in the wet state.

• The 3-Tri component of FIRSTDEFENCEZOONO® products, when applied to surfaces, transform from a water-soluble monomeric species to an insoluble, macro-
molecular antimicrobial film. This film is stable and durable.

• Disables pathogens via “lysis” – it mechanically disrupts the cell membrane (or viral envelope) – causing degradation and death. Two forces cause this interruption: a quaternized Nitrogen acts as an electrocuting charge and an 18 carbon length chain acts as a “sword” or puncturing agent.