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Victory electrostatic disinfectant sprayers

how do electrostatic disinfectant sprayers work?

When it comes to keeping spaces clean and people safe, the way you apply your disinfectants matters. Our Victory Electrostatic Sprayers Charge the Zoono disinfectant solution particles to stick to and wrap around surfaces. Particles produced are attracted to surfaces, allowing for evenly coated complete coverage.

Whether you’re a cleaning company looking for a more efficient disinfectant sprayer, a business owner looking to ensure your business stays open or a school, gym or childcare wanting to keep your people safe, Sanico Australia has enabled thousands of Australians to stay in business, safely and effectively with our scientifically proven combination of the best disinfectant sprayers and Zoono Microbe Shield solution.

30 day surface protection

With 30 day germ protection for surfaces, Sanico’s proven combination of Victory Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers and Zoono Surface Sanitiser lets you enjoy precious moments – without worrying about the nasties.

We even have the media talking.

best disinfectant sprayers

The Safe, Sustainable Disinfection Solution

Outbreaks are a stress your business doesn’t need. From contamination to common bugs or a health crisis, with lasting germ protection for surfaces, the Sanico solution using Victory Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers with ZOONO® Microbe shield helps keep your people well, so it remains business as usual.

Combined, they provide unrivalled 99.9% long lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and algae including COVID-19 for 30 days.

The Safe, Sustainable Disinfection Solution

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We simplify the cleaning process with our Victory Electrostatic disinfectant sprayer and Zoono solution packages. Everything you need, delivered to your door.

best disinfectant sprayers

DIY Pack

  • 2 x 5L Zoono surface sanitiser
  • Victory Innovations Handheld VP200esk disinfectant sprayer
best disinfectant sprayers

Pro Pack

  • 4 X 5L ZOONO surface sanitiser
  • Victory Innovations Backpack VP300es disinfectant sprayer
zoono microbe shield

Zoono Surface Sanitiser

  • 4x5L ZOONO Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser


disinfectant sprayer
Sanico’s combo of victory sprayers and Zoono has literally changed my business for the better. Im now spending a fraction of the time and cost on cleaning my office. We’ve stayed open 7 days a week during the past year thanks to this amazing product and service

– Jonathan Ramsen Jordan
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