Sanico Australia Delivery Policy

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1. Delivery

1.1         Sanico Australia shall make all reasonable efforts to deliver goods on the date agreed with the customer, but shall not be made responsible for any consequential, indirect or other loss arising as a result of any failure by Sanico Australia to deliver the Goods at any agreed time or within a reasonable period. Where no date for delivery is agreed, Sanico Australia shall deliver the Goods within a reasonable time. Where delivery is to be made during a certain period, Sanico Australia may at its option deliver the Goods in instalments during that period.

1.2         Where delay in delivery or non-delivery is due to Customer failing to take delivery of the goods or for any reason other than due to the fault of Sanico Australia or any of its suppliers including but not limited, delay in transport  or any other occurrence reasonably beyond Sanico Australia’s control, Sanico Australia shall within 30 days of becoming aware of such occurrence notify the Customer in writing of Sanico Australia’s inability to deliver and may terminate the contract if it shall so determine.

1.3         Any measures requested by the Customer to protect the Goods in storage or transit shall be at the Customer’s expense.

The Goods shall be delivered to the Customer as notified to the Supplier at the time of order. From the time of dispatch from the Seller’s premises and until delivery, the risk of any loss or damage to or deterioration of the Goods for whatever cause arising shall be borne by the Customer.

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